Our Vision and Values

NORVIKBANK Group vision and values are customer oriented. Our aim – to serve our clients and their needs - is reflected in NORVIKBANK vision "The art of client service - our way to create value".

NORVIKBANK corporate culture is based on Group’s values:


  1. We are friendly and welcoming.
  2. We communicate clearly and effectively.
  3. We help others to succeed.


  1. We encourage and make use of our joint expertise.
  2. We act responsibly and fulfil our promises.
  3. We treat others with dignity.


  1. When we see that something needs to be done, we do it.
  2. We dare to learn from their mistakes.
  3. We are looking for new and better solutions.

To embody our vision and corporate values, NORVIKBANK implements a customer-oriented business model creating long-term values for our customers, employees, shareholders and general public.