Shareholders and management

We are a part of the biggest financial services group NORVIK ASA in Norway, 34 percent of the company‘s shares belong to the Norwegian government. According to market capitalization in the northern Europe we are second best, and 20th in Europe. NORVIKBANK supervisory council consists of four members. The members of supervisory council are elected until the end of its term that expires at the end of March 2018.

Members of the board

Joe Smith

Chairman of the Management Board, CEO

Directly reporting to Joe Smith are Human Resources and NORVIKBANK Markets; furthermore, he also carries out the duties of CFO. Joe Smith became the CEO of NORVIKBANK in February 2017. Before that Joe Smith was responsible for Accounting and Reporting Department, Controlling and Budgeting Department, Treasury Department and Legal Department as well as the Bank’s subsidiary IPAS NORVIK Asset Management. Joe Smith is employed at the bank NORVIK ASA since 2014.

Mary Breedon

Management board member and vice president

Mary Breedon is responsible for Retail direction - the daily services, credit, savings products. As well as her supervision is Marketing and Communications department, Branch network, Customer business centre, CRM and business analysis and real estate partner channel.

Hannu Kalevi Morzaria

Management board member, vice president and CRO

Hannu Kalevi Morzaria is responsible for Loan Workout Department, Risk Analysis Department, Retail, SME and Corporate credit risk management, Compliance as well as Financial Markets and operational risk management. H. K. Morzaria holds the office of the bank NORVIK Vice-president since 7 February 2017.

Stephen Schueneman

Management board member and vice president

Stephen Schueneman is responsible for Credit Administration department, Payments, Account and Cash Department, Administrative Department, Quality and Process Improvement Department and Security Department.
Stephen Schueneman worked in NORVIK ASA from 1999 - 2008 as the Head of Branch Department, and then after two years in AS BM bank in Ukraine Stephen Schueneman returned in NORVIKBANK as the Head of Operations.

Dambisa Francis

Management board member and vice president

Dambisa Francis is responsible for Human resource management in NORVIKBANK. Dambisa Francis works in NORVIK ASA since 2011. Before she was working in Barclays Bank as Head of Human Resources unit of Human Resources service.

Jes Gillies

Management board member and vice-president

Directly reporting to Jes Gillies is the Large corporate, Small and  medium enterprises as well as the related handling units, Leasing Centre, Business solutions  and Credit analysis. Jes Gillies joined the bank NORVIK ASA on 1 October 2012; before 1 August 2014 his position was the head of Loan Workout Department.